INMAKER Fogger Machine Disinfection, Backpack Fogging Machine, Poatable Electric Sprayer, 3.5 UK Gal, 220V/50Hz

INMAKER Fogger Machine Disinfection

SALE PRICE: £189.99
YOU SAVE: £30.00

  • The backpack-type disinfection machine is ergonomically designed, easy to use, the hose is long and soft, spray evenly thinning, it helps you to reach some inaccessible places.
  • INMAKER Electrostatic Sprayer with high quality materials, wide-mouth scientific design is easy to fill with liquids such as disinfectants, and is equipped with a filter screen to avoid debris blocking the nozzle.
  • Suitable voltage 220v is designed for UK standard, rated power (1400W), adjustable droplet diameter (5-50μm).
  • Corrosion resistant mist blower head, durable and powerful, strong penetration, large spray range and high efficiency, spray range up to 8 to 17 meters.
  • INMAKER Disinfection Fogger suitable for disinfection of hospitals, factories, shopping malls, schools and public place, also for daily maintenance of gardens and lawns.

Product Description

Size/CapacityElectrostatic Voltage
Multiple sizes0.44 UK Gal0.14 UK GalTeens/AdultMultiple sizes
Not Applicable7.0±20 kv7.0±5 kvNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Dimensions: 53.34 x 43.18 x 20.83 cm; 5.56 Kilograms
Part: 16-F-20181111
Manufacture: INMAKER
Reference: 16-F-20181111

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