Infantino Grow with me Sensory 3-in-1 Walker

Infantino Grow with me Sensory 3-in-1 Walker

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  • This action-packed 3 in 1 activity discovery car is full of fun: colourful buttons, blinking lights, exciting sounds, and a variety of textures will spark your little traveller’s curiosity
  • Interactive on-the-go Walker encourages standing, pushing, walking and running. With integrated ball & tunnel course, sound & light effects, 3 stacking shapes, and fun melodies
  • 6 months: with blocked wheels, baby is sitting, sorts the shapes and plays with slide for ball – 9 months: with blocked wheels, baby learns to stand up and plays with rattles on handle – 12 months: with unlocked wheels, baby learns to walk
  • Adjustable handle height, chaser beads, three stackable sortable shapes
  • Fully safety tested; 6-36 months; batteries included (2 X AA)

Product description


Product Description

This action packed 3 in 1 sensory discovery car themed walker is tons of fun! Colourful buttons, blinking lights, exciting sounds, and a variety of textures will spark your little traveller’s curiosity. This interactive on-the-go Walker encourages standing, pushing, walking and running. From 6 months, in low position, with the wheels blocked, baby sit plays to embed the shapes and to the ball ramp. From 9 months, in the middle position, with the wheels blocked, baby learns to stand alone, to be able to play with the 2 spin bars located on the handle. From 12 months, in high position, the wheels unlocked, baby will learn walking. The headlights light up. Funny sounds are activated by pressing the colored keys and large button on the hood.

Box Contains

walk & discover car , 3 shapes 1 ball

Weight: 2.3 kg
Dimensions: 64 x 44.5 x 18 cm; 2.3 Kilograms
Model: 5216
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: 2 AA batteries required. (included)

From the manufacturer

Twist and Move Puppy

A sensory puppy who goes forward or backwards with a little touch of his tail, he plays a tune as he sambas along , but that is not all . 3 sensory textured twistable rings will change the direction that puppy rolls. But there's more. Download the free smartphone app and mum or dad can tempt little one to crawl by making the pup move forward backward or a little disco ( forward & backward) without getting up to distract baby . a really clever little sensory in a lovely open try me gift box.

Fun sounds and 3 melodies. educational content, melodies and sounds elaborated in france.

Leon the Chameleon

This playful Chameleon will make learning fun > Leon will teach your little one colours and colour mixing along with being a shape sorter … But the best thing about Leon is the funny sounds he makes when you push his back to eject the shapes .. watch his eyes spin as the shapes spill out.

Leon the Chameleon

As all good chameleons do Leon can change colour to match the shape that you enter .. Play a game with Leon too and he will ask you put in a specific coloured block , next he will ask you enter a second coloured block .. then he will tell what the 2 colours will make if mixed .

He's a bit of a show off 😉

Leon the Chameleon

Once you've entered all the shapes … you need to take them out just push Leons back and all the shapes will pop out while Leon makes a most funny sound that so cool it makes his eyes spin around like a Kylie Minogue record.

Leon the Chameleon

the multi sensory textured fun friend Leon comes with batteries , 4 shapes and a brilliant sense of humour.

Elasto Robot

He's super fun right side up or upside down. He's a clever little sensory fella pull one leg push the other , lift an arm or even turn him upside down and see his light up belly flash and he makes fun sounds , If you turn his head he makes a clicking sound . He has many different textures to teach little ones about cause and effect textures materials and fun fun fun.

3 in 1 Sensory Walker

Lights Sounds SENSORY. 3 stacking cups , 4 fun melodies , 6 textures 7 lots of lights. This walker has 3 positions for the handle perfect for little ones who are sitting, standing or walking.

On one side of the walker is a lovely mini shape sorter with 3 shapes and on the other side a mini ball run for extra play.

3 in 1 Sensory Walker

For the baby who isn't standing yet there's lots to do. On one side a mini shape sorter. On the other a mini ball run , spinning eyes and 3 textured buttons to press over the nose.

3 in 1 Sensory Walker

If you are standing but not walking , you can lock the wheels so baby isn't going to fall play with the ball run or shape sorter or even the spiders on the handles super senso fun.

3 in 1 Sensory Walker

And we're off. Move the handles up to the 3rd position so its in the optimal position for walking. on carpets or hard floors you will see lights and hear sounds & most importantly you will have awesome fun.

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